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Six Songs Yoga Teachers Use in Yoga Classes

Do you listen to music while you practice? Traditionally we practice in the quiet with no distractions (focus on our bodies and the movements that we are making). But let’s be honest, sometimes we need a little pick-me-up and motivation in the form of an uplifting song.

We’ve compiled a list of the all-time best music to listen to while practicing. We’ve asked each of our teachers for a few of their yoga practice songs as well as what makes these songs yoga-appropriate. Enjoy our list of yogi faves, and feel free to let us know what song helps you get your stretch on.


If given the choice, Nicole would rather practice without music. “It’s typically just adding another level of distraction. I want my students to pay attention to their body, breath, and alignment.” Practicing in quiet forces focus. However, when she is in our studio Nicole plays music. “I spoiled my students here and they expect it,” she teased before adding, “In midtown, around lunch, it’s noisy.” Adding that music can actually help students focus, and relax during a stressful work day.

Nicole chooses music that is mindful, music from movie soundtracks for the background, or music with “pretty thoughts” like the tunes of Alina Baraz.

Here is an example of music you may hear in Nicole’s yoga class:

Check out Nicole’s soulful yoga classes at our studio Monday and Wednesday at 1pm, and Pilates Tuesday at 6pm.


In Lynette’s yoga classes you can typically catch her listening to jazz and piano music. “Lately, I’ve been really into Ed Sheeran, and Nora Jones.” The Pilates and yoga teacher with a BFA in Dance adds. Lynette is all about music that promotes relaxation during yoga. One of her favorite songs to play is “Yoga Music for Yoga Class” by Rob Silverman. “Yoga Piano Song” Rob Silverman

For some Pilates classes, the ones that are hard, Lynette likes to keep her students motivated with some up-beat pop music. “In those classes I play Niki Minaj, Lady Gaga, Katie Perry, The Pussycat Dolls, and Taylor Swift.” She finds that the beat of the music can help keep her students motivated during hundreds of ab crunches.

Wanna hear for yourself? You can find Lynette at out studio Tuesdays and Wednesdays at noon, and Wednesday nights for Pilates.


“I am not a fan of any particular band or artist. Typically I am more drawn to a genre of music that fits the mood of my students. If I see that my students are tired I’ll put on music that has a nice beat—if I see that they’re plenty energized I’ll opt for something smooth.”

Occasionally, you’ll find some pop music in Viki’s repertoire, or music that is over all relaxing while maintaining a strong beat, like this song from Kishi Bashi.

For more from Viki’s music repertoire join her Pilates class Tuesdays and Saturdays at 1pm, or Gentle Yoga, 6:30pm, Fridays.


“I’m a music girl.” Leah, who not only teaches our Total Cardio class Wednesdays at 5:55 and Thursdays at 6:50 but is also lead singer of the band With Watson <INCLUDE HYPERLYNC>. In her Total Cardio class you can find her playing anything from 90’s classics to gentle guitar music. For a cool down you can her playing “Acoustic guitar covers of rock songs.” Like this song from the band Guitar Tribute Players.

“I typically prefer classes with music” Leah says “but it depends on what I’m aiming for.” Sometimes, she doesn’t use music in a beginner class, when it is very important for students to focus on their bodies. She likes the band Yoga Dharma Gypsies saying that they are a “cross between yoga mantra music and rock and roll.”


“I think that music is important, not traditional, but I’m not from India either”

For Monica music depends on the class, and the music needs to go with the class structure. “A good rhythm can speak to anyone’s body, and the worlds need to be uplifting, and relatable.”

For gentle classes she tends to lean toward wordsless music that has a strong rhythm. More upbeat positive words with Sanskrit words. “I think, it has to speak to me. Then I think ‘how is this going to feel for other people?’”

To hear more of the funky spiritual tunes that Monica chooses check out her yoga classes Tuesdays at 6:50pm or Fridays at 6:30pm.