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To be honest I thought that nothing would change about my life, or even my body (beside my belly growing) when I became pregnant  :). Now, I know this is a very dump attitude, but you know when you young you are dumb. Also, I’ve always been one to learn thinsg first-hand, and so I didn’t believe anything that other pregnant women told me. Because I wasn’t pregnant I was skeptical. Me, getting tired after 10minutes of walking? Gain weight not just in my belly, what??? I was 100% sure these things would never happen to me 🙂  But guess what, all these things happened to me. I don’t know why I thought I would be different. Maybe my ego was talking, because deep down I knew things would change.


The 5 things that changed about my life during my pregnancy:

  1. Getting tired after few hours of being a awake!

I’m 34 weeks, and now I can understand why pregnant women get so tired. I feel really bad for women who are working 8-10 hours straight and cannot take a nap. About 2-3 weeks ago I noticed I was taking naps during the afternoon. Yes, me, taking naps.  I had heard other women talking about this fatigue, but it was so hard to believe! During my second trimester I had a lots of energy, but this fatigue hit me like the next day.  So now I try to sleep in the night, but my baby, she moved all through the night (and strangely think I really need to be aware of how she’s moving, don’t ask why) and my hubby is snoring pretty hard. So finally, when he goes to the living room around 6am I can really fall  asleep. I’m very lucky because I work 1.5-2 hours around noon and 1.5 hours around 5pm so I have time in between to go home and take an hour/hour and a half nap. So technically I’m still working, but being able to nap–that’s a gift. If I don’t have to go anywhere I’m afraid I’ll let myself be “stuck” at home for the whole day/week. So I’ll try to keep working till almost the end, this way I stay a active.

2.  Walking slowly. So slowly…

Being in New York you pick up the pace and walk fast like the rest of the people. Really drove my parents and my sister crazy. They really didn’t like walking fast like me (and the rest of New York). But…Not anymore. I walk soooo slowly, my Mom said I used to be the bunny and now I’m the turtle 🙂 . I live pretty close to the yoga studio and it usually takes me 10-15 minutes to get home, but now it’s more like 25-30minutes. I even hearing people sigh behind me, or when they pass me (it was me sighing not that long ago). If you live here you know all New Yorkers jaywalk, and I was too, but now I can’t.   I can’t explain how happy I am when I see the light flashing and I can stop for a few minutes to catch my breath. Because yes, I get out of breath after few minutes, not heavily, but I would appreciate more benches between the studio and my apartment 🙂 . My pregnancy has taught me how to slow down, and it’s good. I’m finally giving myself permission to take a break–and I’m not running for anything. I hope this habit will stay with me after the baby is born.  It’s been enjoyable, just walking and taking in all that there is to see, and I’ve been taking time to see the sun and how the weather effects the day.

3. “Don’t have the time” to clean

Like I said above I’m not work that much now, so I do have more time, but… I just don’t feel like cleaning up. And is coming from me, a woman who can’t go to bed after a party unless I’ve vacuumed and done the dishes. I’m used to vacuuming, washing the floor 2x a week, cleaning the kitchen and bathroom. Now… well, I pushing myself to do it every 2 weeks, but sometimes I only do it once a month. My husband doesn’t seem to care, or maybe hes giving me a pass for now. Last week I decided to be more aware of my cleaning habit, so now when I have a little energy (even if is in the night) I clean something.  For example, a few days ago I cleaned the bathtub and toilet, last night I cleaned the cooker. This way I keep the apartment up and running, and also I don’t do everything at once.

4. Picking a fight for NO reason and complaining about everything

I know it’s the hormones, but I still don’t like it.

I like to think I’m pretty laid back, so fighting about small things is really frustrating. Specially my husband doesn’t understand why it’s suddenly bothering me how he leaves all his clothes all around the place, when it used to be I didn’t say anything and just cleaned it up. We have an agreement, I don’t mind small staff like that, and he doesn’t bother me when my stuff covers all the flat surface in the living room. I’m trying to mediate so I can understand and catch it the next time the dragon is coming :). I sat down with him and told him right now it’s hard for me not to be nagging and that I am so emotional, and would like it if he understands and put his stuff in one place only and put the dishes in the sink so I don’t have to look for it everyday, because I feel like he hides it from me. Hes gotten better, and now throws all his clothes in a chair and puts the dirty dishes around the sink. I can see him trying to help me and to be patient with me, so I watch myself also. Since our talk I have only had one argument with him. It’s so funny and great how people are really much more understanding. I’m still sorry that I’m picking a fight with the one I love 🙂

5. Forgetting everything.

OMG, this is a big one. I use to remember everything, I was a computer. I remembered if I had a meeting in 2 weeks somewhere and what time. Now I have to add everything to my calendar and make sure I am reminded, twice. For example, one of the teachers in the studio told me Monday she can’t work Tuesday. I’m like,”Okay, no problem I will sub for her. Is only a gentle yoga.” Then Tuesday came and I had a feeling Monica told me something, but couldn’t remember and I didn’t text her to ask. So 20 minutes before the class started I went home, and I was relaxing at home when my assistant called, where are you? I didn’t understand, “I’m home.” She is like Monica is not coming and you told her you will sub for her. All in all, we had to send everybody home and I felt terrible.

And if anybody asks me something, in a minutes I forget what was it. So, I’ve been giving myself a lot of reminders-really making a reminder for everything from “buy fruits” to “have a meeting”… etc. I knew this forgetfulness would come one but I was hoping it would hit me after 40. Well, now I need help but that’s fine. I’m checking into some exercises for my brain, so that after my baby is born I can work back to where I was. I’ll let you know how it works out 🙂

Things that I almost put into my top 5:

  1. I can’t listen that well, really have to push myself for it.
  2. Got weight every where.  I can notice it in my arms even, and I didn’t gain more than 24lb!
  3. I really have to watch what I eat. I don’t work out that much, I only walk and do some yoga now. I’m learning like never before that it’s so important to thing about what I’m eating if I’m not working out. Before I was pregnant I would cheated here and there, but now my body notices when I cheat. I’ve had to cut out chocolate! and  ice cream (I do eat it every other day, just a few spoonfuls though!)! I also eat  lots of vegetables, meats (only organic, grass feed) and fruits. I’ve been focusing on making healthy foods in as many different recipes as I can so I don’t get tired of it.

What changed for your during your pregnancy?

All the best,

Viki P