Are you stressed out at work? Do you think your energies are drained out at the end of the day?

workYou may need some relaxation – meditation or yoga, or a stronger workout like pilates or cardio to relieve stress, so your co-workers, employees, and YOU can have much more energy, or simply feel better.

During our meditations you will learn how to get rid of stress, and you can use these tools during your week! After work or at lunch time, whenever is more convenient for you!

One of the most effective ways to cut health care costs is through workplace wellness programs. They are a great first step to help your company improve workplace health, support employees’ wellness and experience many of the benefits described below.

  • Improved health and lower healthcare costs
  • Improved nutrition habits
  • Increased physical activity
  • Increased productivity and vitality
  • Higher employee morale and a warmer, more welcoming work environment
  • Better quality of life at home

My focus has always been on improving health and through these wellness packages, your company can continue to proactively make a difference in your work environment. My wellness program is effective and efficient. By allowing customization, employers can target their vital needs, plus develop and sustain a culture of health and wellness. These programs not only improve workplace health, but also help control healthcare costs and increase employee productivity.

An initial planning meeting will be conducted to ensure program content is specifically tailored to the needs of your staff.

Please contact Viktoria at to set up an initial consultation.

Yoga/Meditation at your Office
Your staff can choose from our wide range of on-site classes. We currently offer Zen Yoga, Zen-Relax Meditation, Core Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga, our specially developed Yoga with T Spheres and Pilates (classes can be modified based on fitness level). More info

Class Duration: 55-60 minutes, can be adjusted to suit your needs.
One-time Event: $150
4-Week Programs Per Class*: 1 class/week- $125, 2 classes/week: $115, 3 classes or more/week- $99

*For up to 20 people. Each additional participant is $5.