“I love to see how my students transform. Together, we will explore a long-term solutions—specific to your body, your goals, and your health concerns. Not just help you to look better but also to feel better!”

Viktoria is Certified 500hr Yoga Teacher, Teacher Trainer, 600hr Mat and Equipment Pilates  Teacher and Certified Prenatal Teacher for Yoga and Pilates. Also certified Body Sculpting Teacher. For more information on Viktoria’s practice and expertise check her website at


“Nicole has been practicing yoga and pilates for over 8 years. She specializes in creating transformative personal yoga and pilates programs and demystifying both practices for beginners. Nicole strives to teach students the way she likes to be taught by infusing her classes with thoughtful sequencing, a strong alignment focus, and humor. Her personal goal is to live a more authentic life.”

Nicole is 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher and also trained for Beginner-Advanced mat pilates. Her goal as a teacher is to help each student develop a personal yoga practice built on a strong foundation of body awareness.  If you would like a taste of what it’s like to take one of Nicole’s classes check out the video below.


“Ekaterina is originally from Russia where she was a gymnast for years. She believes that yoga is a true way to find connection between body and mind, and reach harmony in life. She like to teach a challenging Pilates to help her student to reach their goal faster”

Ekaterina is 500hr Certified Yoga teacher, and Mat Pilates Teacher. She specialize client with herniation helping them to strengthening the back. She teaches Beginning to Advanced level Yoga and Pilates classes that address proper alignment and helps those with injuries heal without hurting themselves further.


“Leah moved to New York almost 7 years ago to pursue her career in Theater and Music, and along the way connected deeper with her love for yoga and fitness. Spending much of her time performing on stage as a rock singer, Leah brings high intensity, playful energy, and power to all her high-movement classes. With a background in contemporary dance, ballet and hip hop, Leah has come to understand the capabilities of the body, and how much we can push ourselves to reach both spiritual and physical goals.”

Leah is trained to teach all levels of Cardio and Body Sculpting classes, and she also teaches Yoga.  Check out Leah’s website.

LynetteLynette Circle

Originally from North Carolina, Lynette has a BFA in Dance along with a lifelong commitment to health, wellness, and daily physical movement.  Lynette has been inspiring New Yorkers in our studio since 2015 and teaches both Pilates, yoga, and a Pilates/yoga hybrid class that mixes the core work of Pilates with the strengthening and lengthening of yoga.  Check out Lynette’s website for more information here.

Michelle CicleMichele

Michele is certified in yoga and Pilates and has a BA in Philosophy to boot.  She is a self-proclaimed boot camp junky and likes to take long walks through Manhattan.  She has been teaching our Thursday night Pilates class since 2014 and likes to surprise her students with special prop days and challenges.