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pilWe provide a solid foundation of Classical Mat Pilates, in Props Pilates, and  Postnatal women ihelping you to create thoughtful, creative sequences and prepare you to safely and successfully instruct individual clients and group Pilates mat classes.

Our Course focuses on mat techniques as taught in the classical style of Joseph Pilates, and how to incorporate innovative contemporary techniques into classes. This means we will teach you how to blend creative movement into the traditional Pilates method, so you can create fun, challenging classes, which will never be the same.

For a more dynamic class we spend some time focusing in prop usage.  By using props we are able to make exercises easier, or more challenging (not to mention that students love using props), and we are able to encourage reputation that doesn’t feel like reputation. In this training you will learn how to teach Pilates in every environment. This means, if you are teaching in a yoga studio and they don’t have Pilates props, you will know how to use the blocks, and blankets, in your class. We show how to use traditional and nontraditional props in Pilates poses to create dynamic, fun exercises students love.

Our Mat training is a great addition for yoga instructors, personal trainers, Pilates instructors (who like to learn new ways to teach) and other fitness professionals looking to continue their education. Students will receive 37 hours of training as well as help establishing a daily home practice. This is a two-level course that provides an education in Basic Pilates Mat technique and Advanced Mat Training. For certification, students are expected to complete a 50-min practical exam in class as well as a take-home written exam.

If you cannot make it these dates, sign up for Private Training for only $1200.

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(2 consecutive weekend)
(if paid in full one month before)
Basic & Intermediate Weekend TrainingApril 22-23 & April 29-30
September 16-17 & September 23-24
July 31- August 310:00am - 5:00pm$559$399
Props Pilates TrainingMay 13-14 & May 20-21
October 21-22 & October 28-29
August 7-1010:00am - 5:00pm$659$499

NASM_0Your-Movement’s Mat Pilates course is a NASM-approved continuing education course. Upon completion, each student will qualify for 1.9 NASM credits. This is beneficial to any fitness professional looking to further their education or maintain their credits.

For more information, please email info@your-movement.com.

Included in each student’s tuition is The Your-Movement Wellness Center Mat Training Manual, online support with new class ideas and 5 free classes at Your-Movement. 10 mat classes taken the year prior to the program with a certified instructor.