I have been coming to Your Movement for almost 2 years, and I have really enjoyed the experience. It’s a small, “boutique” studio, the classes are at most 10-12 people. There are several changing curtains. Mats are available for rental and props are free. All the instructors have been excellent, and Vicky is amazing. For me, the classes have been both relaxing and challenging, and I am definitely more fit than when I started. I found some other yoga/Pilates studios in the City, which can be crowded and impersonal, and also to use high-pressure sales. At Your Movement, the staff know everyone who comes regularly by name, and make you feel welcome. I have bought several of workshops, and I have an unlimited pass, but I never felt pressured. The daytime classes are less crowded than the evening classes. Sometimes, classes run late, but I am usually so relaxed, I don’t even notice!