I wanted to wait until I took a few classes before writing a review…
I started off with pilates and I have never taken a pilates class prior to this. Viktoria, the instructor is bright and knowledgeable! I really appreciate that she corrects your form without announcing it to the class. She’s extremely patient and adjusts to help persons of all levels.
I’ve been consistent for the past 2 weeks and can honestly say I notice a difference in my waist. I never knew my waist could look like this! It has gone IN, it actually looks toned and I can feel my core being the center of my strength. There are so many benefits to pilates that I wouldn’t have believed unless I started taking these classes. Even down to my posture.
I recently tried Leah’s total cardio class… and it was superb. She worked out the ENTIRE body and I started sweating within the first 10 minutes. I’m going to start doing pilates and the total cardio class!
This studio is quaint, clean and the instructors are professionals. I would definitely recommend this studio to anyone who wants to look and feel better!