Private Classes

New to Pilates, Yoga or Body toning? Do you need some guidance to get back into shape? Would you like to be more flexible ? Would you like to get Strong and Healthy? Or just need someone who will challenge and help you with your performance?

Why take a Private Class?

privatePrivate Training is a valuable tool for students of all fitness levels and experience. Private lessons give our students one-on-one attention to address their wellness goals and work on areas of their individual interest. Your-Movement prides itself on providing you highly trained instructors to help you achieve your goals. You can work with the teacher of your choice or we can match you with a teacher to meet your expressed needs.

In private classes, students receive attention catered to their body, mindful of their physical/medical history, and teaching them proper alignment and execution of all exercises. Private training sessions help our students to achieve quicker results, deepen their practice, gain confidence and more strength, plus our instructors answer questions and provide guidance.

Why take a Private Yoga class?

On Private session you will learn the correct alignment and techniques which lead you to a less painful and more flexible life. Each class is tailored to your needs and mood.

Why take a Private Pilates Class?

Lack of core strength can effect the way you move, sit or stand. You will learn how to protect your lower back, how to prevent small injuries only making your core stronger and can help frame of the body is supported. Pilates session focus on build the abdominal muscles stronger to create a better posture what lead you to a pain free life. Last but not least, you can achieve weight loss. During private classes we focus more what you need the most at the moment.

Why take a Private Strength Training?

With cardio classes you can lose weight. Strength Training goes beyond weight loss because you tone your muscles, so you will have a better shape, and increase bone density naturally, which is very important at all ages. Each one of us have a different body type, on a private class we focus on your body, your workout history and strength. You will have the exercises which are the most effective for you, and your body. We make the session challenging and fun, helping you to gently push your limits every time.


All sessions are 60 minutes


3pack for $360

5pack for $590

10pack for $1150


To book a Private Class, please email or call us at (212) 302-5651. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Clients must cancel 24hours in advance or will be charged the cost of the class. Intro offer for new students only and good for 2 months to use it!