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Body toning targets specific muscles and gives them the workout they need to become lean and healthy. This translates to not only being healthier, but feeling healthier, physically and mentally.

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Body Toning helps achieve a lean, attractive body. With muscle toning comes a reduction of body fat and weight. The reduction of weight on the body’s frame consequently results in improved overall health by benefiting the heart, the joints, and the skeletal system. People with lean bodies have more stamina, increased energy, and more flexibility. Besides feeling better and improving overall health, people with lean bodies also decrease their risk of developing certain diseases such as diabetes and heart disease.
Variety. Body toning can be achieved with a variety of different workouts that include exercises like crunches, lunges, squats, and so on. Toning exercises in combination with cardio workouts offer optimum results. Your body will benefit from an “aerobic effect.” Regular cardio exercise forces your body to increase its level of oxygen intake. This will improve the condition of your entire cardiovascular system which is responsible for transporting food, metabolic wastes, hormones, and gases to and from the individual cells within the body. This also benefits the circulatory system- heart, lungs, blood vessels, and blood.
Improves the quality of life by increasing daily energy and endurance levels. When a person achieves a leaner, healthier body, he or she may also be able to enjoy more experiences. An increase in stamina results in the ability to participate in physical activities such as swimming, dancing, walking, and other sports that may not be possible for someone out of shape. Body toning could potentially improve your golf game, prepare you for a marathon, increase your confidence or cause you to be open to new experiences.
Not just for physical health, but mental and emotional too! In addition to being physically beneficial, muscle toning exercises, especially in conjunction with cardio, can also be beneficial to mental and emotional health. Research has shown that those who exercise regularly have more energy and reduced stress levels. Body Toning and Cardio classes help to decreases symptoms associated with illness and aging. They help promote a sense of well-being through the secretion of endorphins, which can minimize the effects of depression and lessen the severity of mood swings. Body Toning and Cardio also can lead to the reduction of cravings for habits like smoking and drinking alcohol.