In addition to fitness and yoga classes, Your-Movement teaches three Corporate Wellness workshops that reduce stress, promote more energy, better focus and engagement, and higher satisfaction from your employees.

  • Wellness Revolution Wellness Revolution is our introductory offering in corporate wellness. We teach the necessary tools that lead your company to improved health and personal care, better nutrition habits, increased physical activity, and heightened self-esteem.
  • Recharge!  Our Recharge! Workshop is the nutritional blueprint your corporation needs to have higher energy at work, more productive workdays, and curb those pesky sugar cravings. This workshop places an emphasis on caloric intake, healthier alternatives to current options, and the health benefits of a proper diet.
  • Work-Life-Balance  Our Work-Life-Balance workshop helps your company to find more happiness at work and at home. In this hands-on workshop, we provide education to help your staff more effectively manage their lives and create fuller relationships through goal setting, time management, and meditation techniques.