YOGA is a great adventure. It will take you to a completely new territory, high level of spiritual realization and consciousness. Yoga can transform you at the physical, mental, moral and spiritual level. Everyone will experience yoga on their own unique way.  -The Lost Teachings of Yoga, Georg Feuerstein

The studio is little chilly during winter time, please wear layers. We try to keep the rooms as warm as we can! Thank you for understanding.

After this intro offer you will find the confidence to take classes, or discover that private classes are what you need.
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y2Back then (thousands of years ago) Yoga was more about controlled breath and simple meditation to quiet the mind and get centered. Today’s yoga are more about health and fitness, but we still incorporate some meditation and breathing in each of our class. Regular yoga practice can help you to correct muscle imbalances and posture, increase body awareness, and allow you to see changes, physically and mentally, in just a few months.  



  • Balance Yoga: In this unique type of yoga we use a variety of postures to cultivate balance, flexibility, strength, and endurance. In some classes we move with the breath through the poses. In other classes we focus on alignment or work toward our peak pose.

  • Core Yoga: In this class, we combine elements of core work from Pilates with yoga. You will strengthen, balance, detoxify and exhilarate your body and mind, strengthening and stretching a larger group of muscles than yoga or core work alone. Check out a review of our Core Yoga class here.
  • Gentle Yoga: Connect with your inner self! Our Gentle Yoga class is a complete mind/body wellness system that incorporates elements of Buddhist meditation and practice with Vinyasa Yoga. The instructor will guide you to poses with comfort, ease, discipline, and stability. It’s about wellness on every level, not merely physical fitness. Each class includes breathing practices, some standing poses to strengthening the muscles, slow-paced but challenging joint-warming exercises, unique sun salutation sequences, deep relaxation, and Savasana. Great for beginners and if you just like to take it easy today!
  • Zen Yoga: This is slow pace flow yoga with breath movement through each poses. In the beginning we do some sitting meditation and the end during savasana also. Great class for you if you like to strength and stretch your body, but also wanna take a break and relax your mind.
  • MorningYoga: is designed to wake up the body and target all of the places that might need a little extra space and a deep breath into them after a good night sleep. We use a light flowing sequence, allowing one pose to flow into the next, then we hold the poses for few breaths to get the full benefit of each one.
  • Back care Yoga*: Many of us spend our day sitting in front of a computer screen, and it’s rough on our backs. The natural position that your body takes sitting at a conventional desk is really hard on your back, especially the lower back, and adding some restorative poses to help counteract all of that sitting can make a big difference. If you have any back issues (herniated or bulging disks, especially in the lumbar spine) and regular Vinyasa classes are not proper for you, or if you just need make your back stronger, this practice is for you. We use a lot of props (walls, ropes, rings, etc.), holding postures, and slow movements with small range of motions to protect your back. *Specialty workshop!

  • Prenatal Yoga/Pilates: On the physical level, yoga will strengthen and stretch your body, helping you adapt to the constant bodily changes of pregnancy, encouraging optimal fetal positioning, and readying you for the physical challenges of childbirth and motherhood. On the mental level, yoga teaches concentration, objectivity, and self awareness which will all help you to stay calm, focused, present, and positive. We will add Pilates work to strengthen our abdominal to prevent diastasis and also stretch the body to ease discomfort like sciatica and tightness.
  • Couples Yoga/Partner Yoga: Join us the last Saturday of every month, and bring your significant other, co-worker, or best friend, for this fun partner work-shop! Couples Yoga can be practiced by anyone – no previous yoga experience is necessary. Just an open heart, ability to follow directions, and a desire to connect with your partner. Couples Yogais a great way to learn surrender, build trust, and deepen connection.  Some poses challenge balance, strength and flexibility, while others require total trust and surrender.
  • Semi-Private Yoga Classes: We now offer intimate, semi-private yoga sessions in our mediation room (max 2 students). These small sessions provide personalized instruction to truly perfect your alignment, breath support, and deepen your yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner trying yoga for the first time or a seasoned yogi, these sessions will provide the support you need. 

All levels of fitness welcome for each yoga type!

You don’t need shoes or socks, we do yoga with bare feet. Please bring water with you or buy one from the front desk.

Our mat rental is $2.00. You can also buy a new yoga mat from us for $25. Mat storage for all members and guests is $15/month.