Why Get Certified?

Do something what you really enjoy! Deepen your knowledge in Pilates, learn how to teach it with various props and get certified to teach Postnatal Women.

Sometimes we all can be tired of our job, our 9 to 5 everyday routine. Have you ever felt you needed some change, something different, or just wanted to escape from the rat race? Keep your job, but cheer your day up! Do what you LOVE!

In our Pilates Courses we focus on mat techniques as taught in the classical style by Joseph Pilates, we mix it up with the contemporary movements. We will teach you how to make your classes noticeable and lovable, how to use props and have fun with your students.

At the Postnatal Training You will learn how to teach your clients how to start to feel their abs again and how to regain they abdominal strength.

Don’t have time? Do it ONLINE!  

Not interested in teaching? Than learn it to deepen your knowledge of  Pilates and Postnatal yoga/Pilates  to know the correct alignment to get the full benefits of the pose during class.

For more information, email us at info@your-movement.com or call (212) 302-5651.